Fate of FPCCI elections 2022 was adjourned before court of law: Sahibzada Mian Usman Zulfiqar LAHORE ( Web News ) FPCCI United Business Group (UBG) Senior office bearer, Sahibzada Mian Usman Zulfiqar said the fate of FPCCI elections for the year 2022 was adjourned before the High Court in Thursday’sRead More →

KARACHI 29 Jun, 2021 (Web News) Updated: TikTok Pakistan Explains TikTok has robust policies, processes and technologies in place to review and take action on violative content. We first became aware of the court case and the Sindh High Court’s judgement yesterday, and are currently considering its implications. – TikTokRead More →

The court ordered provincial and federal officers to submit a reply to the law KARACHI (Web News) The Sindh High Court issued a notice to the Advocate General and Deputy Attorney General on the request to impose 5G technology, and the provincial and federal officers also ordered the law toRead More →

ایس ای سی پی کی سندھ ہائی کورٹ کوہم نیٹ ورک لمیٹڈ میں ڈائریکٹرز کے انتخابات کے انعقاد کو شفاف بنانے کے لیئے غیر جانبدار نگران مقرر کرنے کی تجویز عدالت عالیہ ہم نیٹ ورک کو پابند کرے کہ وہ کاغذات نامزدگی جمع کرانے والے تمام امیدواروں کو انتخاب میںRead More →

KARACHI ( MEDIA REPORT ) Sindh High court directed the PTCL management to not enforced the employees for VSS Karachi (Wed, December 7, 2016) – “Learned counsel for the petitioner submits that during the pendency of this petition. Respondent No.1 has introduced Voluntary-Separation Scheme, 2016 WS’S, on 28.11.2016. He next arguedRead More →