ISLAMABAD (Web News) Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has reviewed the existing Broadband Quality of Service Regulations, 2014 and has issued revised Fixed Broadband Regulations after due consultation with all the stakeholders. The Regulations shall be known as “Fixed Broadband Quality of Service (QoS) Regulations, 2022”. These regulations have been updated keepingRead More →

Dr Arif Alvi advises youth & women to benefit from Google’s career certificate program ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) President Dr Arif Alvi has urged the youth and women of the country to actively enrol and benefit from the 15,000 online courses offered under Google’s Career Certificate program, launched inRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) Committed to its vision of enabling health care access for all, Sehat Kahani, the leading digital healthcare platform in Pakistan has partnered with Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) under the stewardship Of AJK IT board and health department of AJK, to launch theRead More →

Techaccess organized seminar on cyber security and its challenges ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) Techaccess Pakistan today hosted a session on “Cybersecurity Challenge in Critical Infrastructure (Power Sector)” in Islamabad aim of soliciting awareness amongst national public and private sector’s energy power entities against the global risks of cyber-attacks. TheRead More →

Techaccess Pakistan organized Cyber Incident Management Handling Workshop KARACHI ( Web News ) Techaccess Pakistan this week conducted a Cyber Incident Management Handling Workshop at “The Institute Of Bankers Pakistan” in Karachi, carrying out best practice exercises for the in-depth study of the methods of management, immediate containment and detailedRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) In compliance with the vision and directions of Prime Minister of Pakistan, The Ministry of IT and Telecommunication held a launching ceremony for the National ICT Whitepaper at Marriot, Islamabad. The Whitepaper is a review of Pakistan’s ICT development progress and maps out the wayRead More →

Huawei Organizes E-commerce Cloud Summit on third day of 21st ITCN Asia KARACHI ( Web News ) The Huawei E-commerce Cloud Summit 2022 was held on the third day of the 21st ITCN Asia – Information Technology & Telecom Show. The E-commerce summit was jointly organized by Huawei, EduCast, andRead More →

Meta’s educational ‘Chai Chats’ series is set to foster digital literacy in Pakistan ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) Meta, in collaboration with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), has launched an educational series, ‘Chai Chats’ to create awareness among young Pakistani Facebook users on digital literacy and social cohesion through improvedRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) With regards to news appearing in a section of media regarding new Domain Name System (DNS) implementation by PTA, it is clarified that PTA has only implemented an automation of blocking of unlawful content as mandated to PTA under PECA 37. Contrary to the claims,Read More →

Dynamic laws and policies a must to cope with cyber-attacks: experts  ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) Over the years, Pakistan has survived numerous cyber-attacks from multiple state and non-state actors, hence dynamic policies and laws are needed to cope with the menace. This was stated by Brig. (Retd) Mohammad Yasin,Read More →

PAKISTAN’S STARTUP ECOSYSTEM READY FOR LIFT OFF NOW: CEO IGNITE Islamabad: May 18, 2022 A Saudi delegation headed by Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammad A. Alghimlas, Chairman Marina Morabaha Financing Company, along with Mr. Jalal, CFO, Mr. Taha Abdullah A. Alebrahim, CTO and Mr. Ahmed Al Matawa, Head of Operations visitedRead More →

Telecoms employers urged to join the conversation to help uncover digital skills shortages LONDON ( Web News )  Bristol Digital Futures Institute at the University of Bristol is teaming up with TM Forum to uncover why there are entry-level digital skills shortages in the telecoms industry. Researchers want to hearRead More →