Waleed eats its own words…. Offering MTR to cellulars !


PTCL has lost its legal war against Telenor on LDI front. Sindh High Court has ruled out petition backed by PTCL and its allied companies on the grounds that it is not under the jurisdiction of Sindh Court.  This issue may be taken up again by parties in Islamabad High Court.

Since it has lost its legal war against Telenor LDI it is strongly hinted that PTCL is now engaged in a financial front. In this regard PTCL has offered both Warid and Mobilink MTR since January 2014.  This speaks volumes about PTCL’s intent to hurt Telenor financially considerably. Presently Telenor has been offering Warid to terminate millions of minutes of international calls through its network. With PTCL’s move it seems that Telenor will face heavy losses.

Mobilink will rationally will go towards PTCL since the offer is alluring. This effort of PTCL it seems is targeted to save International Clearing House (ICH) which was the primary bone of contention.  But this is futile since according to the agreement of ICH if a single company leaves ICH, the clearing house will have no legal or formal standing.  After Sindh High Court’s decision in favor of Telenor, the position of the company has become legally strong. The decision taken by Sindh High Court legitimizes the position taken by Telenor that Telcos should be given MTR and PTCL has eventually accepted this by offering Warid and Mobilink  mobile Termination rate.

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