KARACHI ( Web News ) Personal data is something that must be protected so that it will not be misused by others that will harm us. However, when using social media, we inevitably provide our data such as date of birth, email, and phone number, as a condition for registeringRead More →

LAHORE With the digital transformation in marketing in Pakistan and development of e-commerce industry, different earning opportunities have opened up to facilitate people belonging to all age groups and parts of the society. Daraz has been serving as a major contributor to digitalization in Pakistan and it has not onlyRead More →

Like Kashmiris, Palestinians also targeted the discrimination of social media platforms Gaza ( Web News) Palestinians have also become discrimination of social media platforms like citizens of occupied Jammu Kashmir. Twitter and antibiotics have deleted posts about the potential evacuation of the Palestinians . So live Media Platforms Twitter andRead More →

DECEMBER ( WEB DESK ) As 2020 comes to an end, Easypaisa is spreading joy amongst its users with a chance to win amazing prizes through EasypaisaAppbash which is currently live on the digital payment platform’s social media pages.  In addition to enjoying simple, safe and convenient payments through EasypaisaRead More →

لاہور ہائیکورٹ کی سوشل میڈیا پر توہین آمیز مواد نہ ہٹانے پر برہمی، بغیر مکینزم یوٹیوب چینلز بنانے کا نوٹس ایف آئی اے سے فوری تفصیلات طلب، کیا حکومتی سرپرستی میں سب کچھ ہو رہا ہے؟،عدالت کا استفسار کس قانون کے تحت یوٹیوب چینل کا لائسنس جاری ہوتا ہے اورRead More →

ANKARA ( MEDIA REPORTS ) Turkey’s parliament approved a law early Wednesday that gives authorities greater power to regulate social media despite concerns of growing censorship. The law requires major social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to keep representative offices in Turkey to deal with complaints against contentRead More →

KARACHI (PRESS RELEASE ) The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors(CPNE) while raising it’s concerns said that the federal government approved a set of rules to regulate social media platforms without consulting stakeholders. CPNE president Mr Arif Nizami, Secretary General Dr Jabbar Khattak  said in a statement that those rules likelyRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA REPORT ) In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) has warned that the government’s new rules to regulate social media activity will make it “extremely difficult” for digital companies to operate in Pakistan. Dated February 15, the letter is alsoRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA NEWS ) The federal cabinet on Wednesday approved a new set of rules and regulations through which social media platforms will be required to register and open offices in Pakistan, as proponents of internet freedoms worry that the legal document will be used to keep social mediaRead More →