NIC startups have created over 5000+ jobs, raised over PKR 500 Million in investments ISLAMABAD ( PRESS RELEASE ) The National Incubation Center – a partnership between Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, Ignite, Jazz and Teamup – graduated its third and fourth cohort of thirty-two innovative tech startups. AfterRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( PRESS RELEASE ) Today Industrial Revolution Academy (IRA) has been launched by former Add. DG FIA and Currently Founder E-Pakistan, Mr. Ammar Hussain Jaffri, to build the required capacity in all stakeholders to understand the current opportunities and challenges for Pakistan especially for Universities students and Industry workers.Read More →

 KARACHI ( MEDIA REPORT )   Tania Aidrus, the former Google executive and MIT professional  heading the ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative recently launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan, has described it as having ‘an overarching vision that aims to unlock the potential of Pakistan’s digital future’.  She opens up about herRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( PRESS RELEASE ) A galaxy of renowned leaders from different fields paid glowing tributes to Syed Babar Ali here at a grand plenary organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute on the last day of 22nd Sustainable Development Conference here under the title: Living Legends of Pakistan Plenary: LifeRead More →