SHC Suspended 14 LL Licenses of CMPAK LDI


Sindh High Court suspended 14 regions local loop licenses of Zong issued just one day before last date of bidding for 3G/4G spectrum auction. Sindh High Court issued orders against the Federation Telecom Authority and CMPAK LDI Limited (ZONG). Starlite Telecommunications (Pvt) Limited filed suite No 625 on 16th April 2014 against new Local Loop (LL) Licenses without issued new deregulation policy.

PTA LOGOThe plaintiff claims to be the authorized license holder of local loop (LL License ) for the period of 20 years commencing from 16.03.2006 under the Deregulation Policy for the Telecommunication Sector’ issued by Federation in July 2003. As Federation of Pakistan and Telecom Authority were trying to issue new long Distance International ( LDI ) Licenses under the said policy, which had expired in the year 2008, three LDI operators filed C. P. No. D-5136/2013 before this court, wherein a statement was filed by the Telecom authority has stated that “ new licenses will be issued as per new policy when formulated”. Thereafter, a public notice ZONG LOGOappeared in newspapers in april 2014, whereby, without formulating the new policy, Telecom authority invited fresh applications for LL License under the expired Deregulation Policy,2006. Being aggrieved with the said Public notice, the plaintiff filed Suit No 609/2014 before this court, wherein ad-interim orders were granted on 15.04.2014 as prayed by the plaintiff, that is, the Federation and Telecom Authority were restrained till the next date of hearing from issuing any new LL Licenses either by processing any pending application or on the basis of any new application until a new Deregulation policy for the Telecommunication sector of Pakistan is formulated and issued by Federation.

Learned counsel for the plaintiff submits that despite filing a statement in C.P. No D-5136/2013, which was disposed of in terms thereof, and without formulation a new deregulation policy, Federation and Telecom authority have issued Licenses bearing No.LL-44-2014 to CMPAK LDI for 14 regions. It is urged that the impugned license has been issued in utter violation of the order passed by the learned Division Bench of this Court in the said petition. Issued notice to the Federation Telecom Authrity and CMPAK LDI as well as to the learned DAG. Till the next date of hearing, the impugned licenses issued in the name of CMPAK LDI shall remain suspended. The next hearing of suits on 30.04.2014.

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