KARACHI (PRESS RELEASE) BankIslami, one of the leading technologically advanced bank of Pakistan with 330 branches in 114 cities, won four prestigious awards at the National Forum for Environment & Health in an award ceremony held recently. The four categories included Biodiversity, Employee Engagement and Volunteering, Education and Scholarship andRead More →

LAHORE (PRESS RELEASE) The Centre of Business and Society, at the Suleman Dawood School of Business, LUMS organised its second edutainment event titled ‘It’s Everyone’s Business, Period. Health, Hygiene and the Menstrual Taboo’. The event successfully brought forth a positive and constructive dialogue on menstrual health management issues along withRead More →

LAHORE ( PRESS REPORT ) Entrepreneurship is one of the key areas of focus for ACCA as an empowering medium to translate creativity and talent of youth into actions that has social and economic effects. To explore the essence of creativity and innovation among youth in KP, Peshawar 2.0 underRead More →

LAHORE ( GUEST WRITER HAFIZA AYESHA KHALID) Technology is an essential need in today’s life. It has changed the human existence by helping him live longer, healthier and a happy life. Technology has reshaped how we think, how we interact with each other, transformed what makes us happy and modifiedRead More →