How Technology will Reshape Our Planet


Technology is an essential need in today’s life. It has changed the human existence by helping him live longer, healthier and a happy life. Technology has reshaped how we think, how we interact with each other, transformed what makes us happy and modified our capacity to reach our full potential as individuals. I believe, technology has made life so much easier, exciting and amazing by improving communication facility, expanding life spans, simplifying transportation issues and creating a lot of career opportunities for people.

Without doubt, we are living in an age of technology and “progress”.  It would be somehow unrealistic to say that technology has not benefited people. We are constantly using technology from waking up in the morning with the help of an alarm clock to going to sleep with the air conditioner on.Furthermore, it is also predicted that in the time to come the membrane between online and offline will eventually vanish and there would be no concept of two different worlds i.e. online and offline. There would only be one world fully integrated with technology.

It is human nature to desire about knowing what’s coming. It is so fascinating for an individual to imagine what the future will bring. So, to help you imagine what the future holds, I’ve listed down a few innovations that have the potential to change the world all over again.

Digitally connected…Everything, Everywhere

In recent times, digital technology has become a must for sustainable economic development. Today, from smallest personal items to largest countries, everything, every time, everywhere is digitally connected and is also responsive to our desires.

In the future, it will not be an exaggeration to say that we will be, somehow, living in an ultra-digital world where more things would be connected to internet than people. From phones to home, everything will work as we want it to work. Cars, homes and other appliances will be so easily connected in every other corner of the world. Wireless technology, call free networks, 5G technology and many other advanced technologies would be there for flexibly serving our needs in the time to come. Technology will greatly dominate our planet and will create a fundamental shift in our lifestyles and the way we will interact with our environment.

No Hunger Problems

It is predicted that food shortages and food price fluctuations will be a matter of past in a couple of years because imaging and lightening technologies will improve the crop growth per year. Traditional farming problems will no longer exist because we shall fortunately be able to grow genetically modified crops indoor. Crop diseases and environmental factors will be less of an issue and the foods available at grocery stores will be sold at much more reasonable price. There would be light available 24/7 that is needed for crops to grow which will make every person able to grow crops in his home himself thus resulting in eliminating hunger and food shortage.  When food shortage issues will be solved, people will more likely to have a happy life and will appropriately focus on better employment options.

Healthier Drugs to Fight Cancer

Cancer treatment and other chemotherapy drugs that are currently used are highly toxic having deliberating side effects and compromising person’s quality of life. It is predicted that in the next coming years there would be more targeted drugs that will have a very specific action because of only precise proteins and specific antibodies used in it. Medicines fighting cancer would be more exact paired with latest knowledge of gene mutation thus leading to better treatment and more survival chances.

Solar Energy Technology Trends

Solar technology though not used much today but in the coming years will be the largest source of energy on this planet. Using new technologies and methods, the sun rays will be stored, converted and harvested more effectively and will be the primary way of providing energy all over the world. Through a photosynthetic process, chemical bonds will make energy available when needed in addition to the usage of solar thermal and solar photo voltaic energy to heat buildings and water.

Predictive Policing

Predictive policing which will work on the principles of highly efficient algorithms and data will be used to predict that where the crimes are likely to occur and when they will occur. The technology is new these days but will be highly in and efficiently used in next two to three years. Three data points are used in making predictions which are place of crime, time of crime and type of crime. No personal information of an individual or groups of individual is used while making predictions. This technology will be much more advanced, safe and secure in the future and many of the dangerous crimes will be prevented by reaching at the crime place on time.

End of all non-degradable plastics

Toxic plastic petroleum-packaging that is highly dangerous for health and is polluting our environment in addition to being non-biodegradable will become extinct in the near future. Biodegradable packaging based on Nano cellulose will be used. Because of this technological advancement we will be able to say goodbye to plastic based packaging products. Food companies, pharmacies, electronic shops and textile industry all will provide biodegradable packaging.

Dementia will decline

Understanding and analyzing the human genome will have long lasting effects in the time to come. Because of the vast research being done on this topic these days, many neuro-degenerative diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s and many others will be prevented in the near future. Scientists are focusing on identifying pathogenic chromosomes which influence the onset of diseases and are trying to isolate those disease causing chromosomes. Presently, scientists have also identified the genetic link between dementia and chromosome 9p which is the initial biggest and successful step in the war against dementia.

Genetic Scanning

Genetic scanning is a type of medical test in which the change in chromosomes, proteins or genes is identified. The result of this test helps to determine the possible presence of genetic disease and also helps in identifying a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder. The technology is new these days but after a couple of years it will be widely used in the field of medicine.

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I am Hafiza Ayesha Khalid, a Computer Science graduate from PUCIT, Pakistan, a freelance and a technical writer who loves penning down life experiences, biographies, technical blogs, property blogs, new fashion trends and business related articles. I am passionate about technical writing because it combines my two interests – writing and technology – in almost seamless ways. I feel a little bit more of myself, when writing, because it makes me connect with the universe and helps in realizing that I am still alive.

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