Top developers from around the world gathered today as Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., announced new platforms and opportunities aimed at innovations for enhancing consumer lifestyles through open collaboration. Samsung’s technologies and platforms are designed to support developers in shaping the next big innovations, critical to influencing more convenient, connected lifestyles for consumers.

“Our news today highlights the exciting developments occurring at Samsung and its growing ecosystem of developers and partners, across a wide range of technologies,” said Won-Pyo Hong, President and Head of Samsung Media Solutions Center. “We remain committed to enabling developers to create innovative solutions that ultimately improve consumer lifestyles.”

Unveiled today were new software tools and developments aimed at advancements in digital health, smart home, wearables and virtual reality.

Digital Health

Samsung is committed to helping create and accelerate a wider digital health movement. To support this effort, the company today announced:

Samsung Digital Health (SDH) Platform and SDK: SDH SDK provides developers a feature to track information on personal health, such as activity, workout, food consumption and more. In addition, it syncs the information with Samsung Cloud server and Samsung Account. It allows services and apps to be connected to the SDH Platform, on which users can enjoy quality healthcare services from Samsung’s partners in the healthcare industry.

  • Samsung Simband open reference design platform is now available to be ordered by developers wishing to design sensors and algorithms based on the platform. Simband is an open hardware reference design for wearable technology, capable of integrating the most advanced sensing technologies in the world.
  • Availability of an SDK for Samsung SAMIIO, a cloud-based open software platform capable of bringing together fragmented data from a variety of sources for analysis.
  • Samsung’s new bio processor that enables device makers to easily add health monitoring to their next-generation smart wearables.
  • Samsung is expanding its domain from personal wellness to preventive healthcare service by building relationships in the medical, insurance and healthcare service provider industries.

Smart Home

Samsung continues to expand its vision for the Smart Home, through its own initiatives with Samsung Smart Home and through Smart Things. The Samsung Smart Home platform is designed to deliver smart home experiences that enable new kinds of conveniences for consumers. Development tools, such as the beta release of the Smart Home SDK, allow customers who have appliances developed by the SDK to control them by using a Samsung Smart TV or smartphone.

The new Smart Things IDE, expands upon this effort by integrating with some of Samsung’s most popular appliances, and is intended to spur an open smart home ecosystem of products and experiences, resulting in platform comprehensive Smart Home.

Attendees at the conference can see this vision realized through the Smart Home demo, occurring in the lobby of Moscone West.

About Samsung Developer Conference

In its second year, the three-day Samsung Developer Conference is currently underway through November 13, 2014 at Moscone West in San Francisco, California.  More than 200 speakers from Samsung and its partners are presenting over 100 sessions across 12 topic areas.


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