Mr. Mike Bailey call on MOS MoiT

Minister of State for IT & Telecom Mrs. Anusha Rehman stated that “e-content developers should focus upon the development of verified e-content to educate and facilitate mobile users particularly in the domain of digital health system. She stated this while talking to Mr. Mike Bailey a country representative of USAID sponsored mPowering the digital health providers who called on the Minister in her office today. Federal Secretary IT Mr. Rizwan Bashir Khan, Additional Secretary IT, Members Telecom & IT were also present in the meeting.

Mr. Mike apprised the Minister that his company mPowering is working with public and private sector partners and encouraging national and provincial health systems for the provisions of mobile optimized digitally based curriculum and content stored within a centralized library that the health workforce can access for their education. He also apprised that our m-health program has already proven effective in many other countries. Now we intend to launch it in Pakistan.

Minister further said that the role of mobile technology to achieve the SDGs cannot be over looked. We believe there is a real opportunity to exploit mobile technology to provide equitable access to content that could provide a complete educational foundation for frontline health workforce.

Mr. Mike apprised the Minister that they are organizing a collaborative workshop in Karachi by end of this month while involving private and public sector representatives to initiate this library and delivery system for health.

Anusha Rehman said that such initiatives are encouraging and are outcome of the “connectivity eco-system” which we developed with our strenuous efforts over last three years. She further reiterated that “content developers must take stringent safety measure to ensure the quality and authenticity of the information being placed online or disseminated through e-platforms to mobile workforce as well as to the people. So that they could confidently use & rely upon the information and could get maximum benefits out of it

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