KARACHI (PRESS RELEASE ) The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors(CPNE) while raising it’s concerns said that the federal government approved a set of rules to regulate social media platforms without consulting stakeholders. CPNE president Mr Arif Nizami, Secretary General Dr Jabbar Khattak  said in a statement that those rules likelyRead More →

کشمیری واٹس ایپ سے غائب ہو رہے ہیں کشمیریوں کی ڈیجیٹیل یادوں پر بھی بھارت کا حملہ کشمیریوں کے وٹس ایپ سے تصاویر، ویڈیوز اور فائلز ختم ہو گئیں   سرینگر،5دسمبر(ساؤتھ ایشین وائر ) بدھ کے روز ، کشمیری واٹس ایپ سے غائب ہونا شروع ہوگئے – اور کسی کوRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( STAFF REPORTER ) The Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat in its meeting held today directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to assert its regulatory role on telecommunication sector for improvement in service delivery and coverage in far flung areas. The Committee also directed PTA to take stringent measures toRead More →

LAHORE ( PRESS RELEASE ) Information and Culture Department, Punjab organized a meet-up with social media influencers in Alhamra. Secretary Information and Culture Department Raja Jahangir Anwar, Executive Director Punjab Arts Council Saman Rai, Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Ather Ali Khan, Director Electronic Media Rubina Khan, Deputy Director DGPRRead More →