Telecom Industry Starts Issuing SIMs through Multi Finger Biometric Verification System ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) Telecom industry has started issuing SIMs through an enhanced version of Biometric Verification System (BVS) called Multi Finger Biometric Verification System (MBVS). This was stated in a ceremony held at PTA Headquarters for signingRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( ABRAR MUSTAFA ) The PTA had  called a meeting today  of all the Telecom companies to review  the possibility of permanently destroyed  all the unverified and dishoned SIMS. Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority clearly announced that all un-verified and blocked MSISDNs shall be removed from the CNICs by 10thRead More →

ISLAMABAD (MEDIA ) The government defended the blocking of millions of unverified mobile phone SIM cards, saying that it was a long-standing demand of the law-enforcement agencies. Responding to a calling-attention notice by Senator Kulsoom Parveen about the problems faced by the general public in biometric verification of their SIMsRead More →