Telecom consumers waiting outcome of Re-verification of Sims !


Ministry of IT and telecom (MOIT) along with Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) have declared that the SIM re-verification process has been completed. This was stated in a press released by MOIT whereas Chairman PTA told verbally to

Both statements have stated 27.5 million SIMs have been blocked in the process and 75.5 million SIMs have been successfully re-verified. However it is astonishing that the foremost authority on Telecom sector has not updated its detailed stats on its website.

The website of PTA is followed by both international and national stakeholders of the telecom sector and this delay in updating the stats after the completion of the re-verification process is alarming.  It is the duty of PTA that the latest stats should be shared so that the latest picture of subscribers of the telecom companies can be revealed.

The last data that is shared on PTA website showcases stats that were updated on March 2015. Below is the screenshot of the latest stats.

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