ISLAMABAD ( ABRAR MUSTAFA ) Pakistan Telecom Authority and Telecom industry has come to an agreement to solve the issues regarding the license format. The Telecom industry had raised different issues with the newly revised Information Memorandum (IM).  These issues were discussed between the two parties and were taken careRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( ABRAR MUSTAFA ) Telecom industry reject license format in revised Information Memorandum and decieded to approach Chairman PTA.  The newly revised Information Memorandum was revealed today but unfortunately for the Telecom Industry it is still holds elements that are not unacceptable for the telecom companies. Dr. Ishaq DarRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( ABRAR MUSTAFA ) The anticipated revision to the controversial Information Memorandum is expected Monday, 17th March.  Pakistan Telecom Authority and industry representative have discussed all issues serving as contention between companies and the IM in a long and tense meeting.  The ball is now effectively in Dr. IshaqRead More →