Revised IM expecting on 17th March ( TODAY )


The anticipated revision to the controversial Information Memorandum is expected Monday, 17th March.  Pakistan Telecom Authority and industry representative have discussed all issues serving as contention between companies and the IM in a long and tense meeting.  The ball is now effectively in Dr. Ishaq Dar’s court. It is up to the high powered committee to decide on a final draft of the IM. Telecom industries have submitted their proposals and suggestions to ensure the success of the much awaited bidding. Last Friday both PTA and Telecom companies came together what turned out to be long meeting where they decided on the Roll Out plan and the numerous difficulties the industry was facing.

According to a source that wanted to remain unnamed, the government has decided to accept few demands which happens to be a positive sign however the demand for issuance of a single license for both 3-G and 4-G has already been turned down.  But there are still many issues that need to be sorted. If these matters are left untended there will be considerable burden on telecom industry to complete their objectives when it comes to 3-G & 4-G since they are also to pay for the spectrum fee for two and three licenses in some cases. 

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