Telecom industry reject License format in revised IM


Telecom industry reject license format in revised Information Memorandum and decieded to approach Chairman PTA.  The newly revised Information Memorandum was revealed today but unfortunately for the Telecom Industry it is still holds elements that are not unacceptable for the telecom companies. Dr. Ishaq Dar had assured concerned companies that the license format will be adjusted to solve their grievances. However the revised IM happens to have most of the terms as the format is still 90% same.  The industry stakeholders are expected to take this issue with the Telecom Authority on Wednesday and if the matter remains unsolved, the Federal Minister for Finance will also be approached.

GOP retains the right to hold or dispose of any unsold or unpaid spectrum/license from this NGMSA as specified in the IM as it deems appropriate. If however, all designated Spectrum herein is sold out in NGMSA, no related auction will be carried out for another 18 months period in Pakistan, starting from date of this auction. At the end of the said 18 months period, there shall be no embargo on GOP and PTA shall be free to hold any auction(s) of any spectrum/license as it so deems fit and appropriate.This will create a 18 months self binding moratorium on new spectrum auction especially the broadband wireless spectrum auction (available frequency in 1.9 and 3.5 GHz bands) which is very critical for WLL companies.

Auction of available frequency in 1.9 and 3.5 GHz bands have not yet been executed as it was planned to be auctioned after 3G/4G/LTE auction as per directions of GoP to PTA.

Most of the recommendations submitted to PTA on the Spectrum Auction timelines, 3G/4G QoS KPIs and Network Rollout Obligations have been incorporated in the revised IM. Some other changes in terms of  the mode of License Fee Payments in the local Currency (Pak Rupees), Infrastructure Sharing and mandatory National Roaming have been relaxed as well.

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AnnexF of IM-17032014

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