Re-Verification of Sims for Overseas Pakistanis


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has finally issued the guidelines for SIM verification of customers who are currently not residing in Pakistan. Such customers, who are currently living outside Pakistan for work or other purposes, will have to get their SIMs re-verified as all other Pakistani customers, however, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued following revised SOPs for Pakistanis living abroad.

Sims  are present in Pakistan

The Sims are present in Pakistan but the owners are living abroad can get the ownership of these Sims changed to blood relation who is in Pakistan

On international roaming Sims

Mobile phone operators will prepare a list of consumers whiach are on international roaming

Such cosumers will get carry-out preliminary verification with active roaming services through USSD code or any other technique to access genuine subscriber

All international roaming Sims should get verification through BVS by March.31 2016. This facility ( for temporarily verification roaming customers ) is not applicable for Sims operating in Afghanistan.

Sims are Neither in Pakistan nor on International Roaming

Any Sim is not active with international roaming will get blocked by 14th April

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