26th February ! 50% Sims may be deactivated


In first ten days 30 to 40% of SIMs across the country have been re-verified with biometric system. 140 million consumers exist in the country as per record of PTA. Another source informed TelecoAlert.com that the authority has received three million SIMs record after re-verification process.

The consumers that come under the 30-40% re-verifed SIMs are those that had gotten their SIMs after the initiation of biometric system in Pakistan. The SIMs re-verification process has started in urban areas of the country however the pace is quite slow. The process has yet to begin in rural and far-flung  areas.  It must be noted that the deadline is 26th February. After this deadline all SIMs that have not be re-verified will be deactivated. Many in Telecom Sector are stating that if the situation remains that same then more than 50% SIMs may be deactivated.  This will cause drastic losses to Telecom companies as they will have face 50% reeducation in their daily revenue. Many believe that most of these consumers will belong to far flung areas as not only the process has been started but reaching these areas will take considerable amount of time.

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