ICT R&D Fund signed “MoU” with the British Council


The 33rd Board of Directors meeting of National ICT R&D Fund Company was held at MoIT today on 27th January, 2015 under the chair of Minister, Information Technology Ms. Anusha Rahman. Federal Secretary IT Mr. Azmat Ali Ranjha, CEO National ICT R&D Fund Company Mr. Asif Roomi, Chairman PTA Syed Ismail Shah, Member (Telecom) Mr. Mudassar Hussain, MD, PSEB Mr. Asim Shehryar and other Members of the Board, were also present in the meeting.

On recommendation of the finance committee the board accorded approval of budget 2014-15 of the company. The Minister said that ICT R&D Fund Company has significant importance in the development of ICT sector. Unfortunately, it was working without a permanent CEO and other important positions were also vacant since last few years. Now with the appointment of CEO by the board, it would certainly give boast to the company’s performance. The board directed the new CEO to frame a comprehensive strategic governance roadmap for revamping and re-structuring of the organization as structural revamping of the company is indispensible to enhance the volume of the delivery in the ICT R&D Fund.

 The board also directed that performance appraisal of all the employees working in ICT R&D Fund should be conducted on the basis of tangible and measurable KPIs in order to ensure the operational excellence. Minister further stated that it’s our utmost priority to establish a “Research & Innovations Centre” of International standard so that the best quality of research could be produced in Pakistan. It was noted with great concern that Company has been funding only unsolicited projects in the past whereas, the original bedrock of the company was to solicit proposals in view of industry needs.  

The CEO apprised the Minister regarding “MoU” which has been signed with the British Council today. This “MoU” contains cooperation and collaboration between ICT R&D fund and British Council for promotion of research & innovation and skill development in Pakistan, to transform Pakistan’s economy into a knowledge based economy. The British Council will facilitate in the research leading to set up incubators for start ups in IT sector together with opening access to British Council pool of researchers.

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