90 days for re-verification of 10 crore Sims. Ch Nisar

Ch Nisar Ali Khan announced today that 90 days schedule have been identified and agreed to for the verification of the 10 crore un-verified SIMs
As reported earlier, Telecom companies will be starting to block and re verify SIMs across the country within 90 days. This period will begin on Monday, 12th January.
The final decision was taken today in high level meeting in which all matters pertaining to SIMs verification. It is decided that Government will give 90 days to telcos to re-verify all SIMs in the country. The final meeting’s minutes haven’t been received by PTA which why the formal order from PTA hasn’t been issued at the moment. This order is expected to reach the Telcos on Saturday or Monday.
It is worth mentioning here that the Telcos will now have to verify all SIMs in the country within three months. This means that approximately 10 crore SIMs are to be verified in this period. Ch. Nisar today told in a press conference that at the moment 4 crore SIMs have been registered and verified in the past two months.
Ch Nisar Ali Khan told that Out of total number of 14 crore un-verified SIMs, which were causing not only a huge loss to national exchequer but were also a serious security hazard, 4 crore SIMS have been verified while a 90 days schedule have been identified and agreed to for the verification of rest of the 10 crore un-verified SIMs. The Minister expressed satisfaction on this agreement with the cellular companies, which had been eluding three governments over the last six years. The Minister for Interior categorically directed that after the lapse of 90 days period no leniency will be shown towards any un-verified/illegal SIM or the company owning it. It was also said that in order to check any wrong doing in this account in future, a legislation is also been proposed to declare issuance and use of illegal SIM a cognizable offence.

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