PTA Chairman appointment Challenged In IHC.


PTA Chairman now faces a new threat with a petition filed against his appointment has been submitted to the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday

The petition that was submitted by Nasim Arshad Rana has challenged the appointment of Dr. Syed Ismail Shah as the chairman of the regulatory body. The petition states that Secretary Establishment and Chairman PTA are respondents and challenged the appointment under the PTA Act. The petition points to the fact that the appointment of PTA Chairman is not possible without appointing the required number of members in PTA.

The petitioner also said that the appointment of Dr. Syed Ismail Shah is contradictory to the ruling of Supreme Court which has categorically said that all heads of the semi-government organizations should be appointed through a commission. Therefore he wished that the court declare the appointment void. It is interesting to note that Nasim Arshad Rana was also a candidate for the chairmanship of PTA, Pakistan’s foremost regulatory body of telecom sector.

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