Wateen Telecom support’s Second Annual Lahore Literary Festival


 Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading service provider, is proud to announce its support for the Second Annual Lahore Literary Festival (LLF).
After the great success of LLF 2013, this year the event is being held on February 21 to 23 at the Alhamra Arts Centre. Like last year, the LLF aims to revive the Lahore’s spirit of art and creativity. The event promises to enrich the cultural experience of the city’s residents by creating an institutional platform for fostering and furthering Lahore’s literary traditions. As part of its continued support for the Lahore Literary Festival and Lahore’s revival as Pakistan’s cultural capital, Wateen Telecom is a silver sponsor and will be providing guests and visitors at the event with continuous high-speed wireless broadband experience.
Commenting on Wateen’s involvement with the festival, Wateen Telecom CEO Naeem Zamindar said, “The Lahore Literary Festival 2014 promises to be an exciting event, with some truly amazing delegates. We at Wateen wanted to demonstrate our support for this fantastic effort by ensuring that visitors to the festival are able to live blog or Tweet, or post pictures or even videos online, sharing their experiences with friends and loved ones across the country and the world at large.”
In addition to book readings and panel discussions, the Festival will also includes book launches, exhibitions, readings, and panel discussions on Urdu and English literature. There are over 100 local and foreign speakers scheduled to discuss literature, film, food, visual arts, journalism, textiles, education and more at the three-day event. The event has already confirmed a wide range of prominent and renowned writers and authors from across the globe.

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