The iPhone 4S will be available October 14.

Here’s the news you’ve all be waiting for, and you guessed it, it’s a new application for making greeting cards! Wait no, it’s a new iPhone (News – Alert)! Apple’s (News – Alert) senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller, hit the stage today to announce the iPhone 4S, a phone that adds a number of features to the best selling iPhone (News – Alert) device.

The new phone will also boast a dual core A5 processor that will allow for 7X faster graphics, an 8 MP camera that will work in conjunction with the new iOS 5 features to capture pictures faster, and enhanced battery life. The device will also support GSM and CDMA networks, making it a true world phone for the first time ever. Plus 1080p video capture means you’ll be able to document any globetrotting you do.

In addition to these features the unit also has a voice assistant that will allow users to enter commands into the phone simply by talking. The “Siri” assistant was developed by a company acquired by Apply earlier this year, and will enable more intuitive control over all aspects of your device.

iPhone 4S will be available at  $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for the 64GB with the standard 2 year contract. This news will also bump the iPhone 4 8GB down to $99 with contract, and will make the iPhone 3G free with a contract.

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