PTCL Broadband: 256 kbps DSL package to remain unlimited till 31 Dec


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has extended its Broadband Pakistan’s mega national package’s offer of unlimited downloads till 31 December 2011 for its valued 256kbps DSL customers.

PTCL had introduced Broadband Mega National Package with 256 kbps data rate earlier this year at a monthly price of Rs. 299 with unlimited downloads till 30 September under a special promotional offer. However, PTCL realizing the value that this offer has added to the lives of the customers has extended this offer till 31 December 2011.

PTCL has been instrumental in making the Broadband service available to general public across the country, through huge investments in expansion and extension of its infrastructure. Before PTCL started providing Broadband service, this service was only restricted to a few major cities of the country. It has made the broadband technology affordable by offering low-cost packages and by geographically taking the service to the remote and underserved areas bringing it within access of users across all socio economic classes.

Commenting on the initiative, SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed stated, “The extension of Broadband mega national package is an effort by PTCL to keep adding value and color to our customers’ life and to provide them services which can continuously facilitate them in being connected to the world”.

He further stated, “It has been PTCL’s objective to provide its Broadband service to the remotest parts of the country, and this unlimited offer, would strengthen the bond between PTCL and its loyal customers”.

EVP Wire Line Business Aasif Inam stated, “Being a customer centric organization, PTCL has always strived to address the needs of its customers through the fastest and most economical broadband service in Pakistan.” He hoped that this offer would further PTCL’s objective to provide Broadband facility to low-income segment and low spending preference customers in the country and re-emphasize PTCL Broadband as the only service providing affordable high-speed internet in the country.