LAHORE (HAFEEZ REPORT ) Since Huawei has launched its latest flagship smart phone, in collaboration with Google, the Nexus 6P, tech geniuses are now comparing this outstanding device to the Apple’s iPhone 6s. Huawei’s latest smart phone Nexus 6P has undoubtedly, proven to be a great competition to high-tier smartRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA REPORT ) According to the latest preliminary results from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped a total of 355.2 million smartphones worldwide in the third quarter of 2015 (3Q15), up 6.8% from the 332.6 million units in 3Q14, marking the secondRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT )  With the recently launched iPhone 6S smart phone, it was surely quite known that Apple would deliver the Force Touch as the premium feature of 6S. But, in for the long run, Chinese technology based company; Huawei has deprived Apple of its glory by introducingRead More →