LAHORE ( HAFEEZ REPORT ) Everything begins with a small step and usually a realistic approach with well calculated propositions laying down the foundation of vision, and subsequently of a future goal. This is as normal attitude of rational human excellence as it could be.  But then there emerge someRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( ABRAR MUSTAFA ) In a very significant development for the telecommunications sector of Pakistan and in recognition of the forward looking progressive policies of the current Government in Mobile Broadband, Pakistan was awarded “Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Award 2015 “ at the prestigious Mobile World Congress 2015 ofRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications is devising clear-cut programmes to translate telecom development into measurable socio-economic benefits of nation. Minister of State for IT and Telecom, Anusha Rehman on Tuesday said in this direction a team has been to work on a strategy toRead More →