Punjab’s Heritage Unveiled, CBD Punjab Ignites the Spirit of Opportunity for Modern Urbanization and Growth Punjab’s Spirit of Opportunity Unveiled: CBD Punjab Showcases Heritage and Modernization in Revolutionary TVC “Discover the Spirit of Opportunity in Punjab with CBD Punjab’s Unique TVC and Mega-Projects” LAHORE ( Web News ) Punjab CentralRead More →

KARACHI ( MEDIA REPORT ) Pakistan’s telecommunication industry has recorded an unprecedented growth in the past two years despite facing strict regulations and unfavourable economic conditions. Since the launch of third generation (3G) and 4G services in July 2014, the number of consumers looking to utilise high-speed mobile internet hasRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA REPORTS ) Internet-marketing According to latest news, rising growth in advertising via mobile phones and tablet computers will help Internet advertising overtake television as the dominant medium for global ad spending by 2017, a leading media buyer forecasts. Zenith Optimedia, owned by advertising agency Publicis, said thatRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) Public-private partnerships will be required to bring to life Pakistan’s recently-launched National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2015-2020 and drive digital economic growth, one of the world’s leading technology companies announced today. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently launched the National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2015-2020 to bring halfRead More →