Pakistan Stock Exchange witnessed a mixed trend last week


The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) witnessed a mixed trend last week, with the KSE-100 index falling from 45,900 points to 45,800 points. However, the market capitalization increased by more than Rs 7 billion while the share price also fell by 53.48%. Pressure on the threat of tension in the United States on the eve of the inauguration of the new president, news of the supplier’s apology for supplying LNG to Pakistan in February, the escalation of the gas crisis in the coming days Concerns over production and export disruptions also plagued most investment sectors. Despite the delay in loan repayments by the G20 and the Paris Club, Pakistan’s external debt continued to rise and the volume of external debt increased by Rs 3,700 billion in one year, factors such as pressure on the UAE to repay the debt. The index lost 547.03 points due to the effects of the three-day slump. However, the country’s stock market fell on factors such as 196 196 million in foreign direct investment in December and a decline in corona cases in the coming days. The KSE-100 Index rose by 484.07 points during the last two days of the week. Telecom, Kot Addu Power, Faisal Bank, Samba Bank, Fuji Fertilizer Bin Qasim, Telecard Limited, Power Cement, Silk Bank, Lotte Chemical, Pak International Bulk, Al-Shaheer Corporation, Azgarden Nine and Invest Bank topped the list. According to the weekly report, last week’s KSE 100 Index recorded a decrease of 62.96 points in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, from which the KSE 100 Index fell from 45931.00 points to 45868.04 points while the KSE 30 Index declined by 18.66 points to 19109.64 points. The stock closed lower at 19,060.98 points while the SE All Shares Index fell from 31,914.59 points to 31,840.92 points. Despite trading fluctuations in the Pakistan stock market, the market capitalization increased by Rs. 7,533,942,914 as a result 77 crore 77 lakh 18 .273 rupees to 83 trillion 15 billion 31 crore 16.61 lakh. A total of 543.64 million shares worth Rs 21 billion were traded in the Pakistan Stock Exchange last week while 436.28 million shares worth a minimum of Rs 15 billion were traded last week. However, due to the downturn, the index was seen at a low of 45546.15 points at one point. A total of 2038 companies traded in the Pakistan Stock Exchange last week, out of which 857 companies saw an increase in their share prices, a decrease of 1093. And the share prices of 88 companies remained stable.

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