LAHORE ( Web News ) Experts call for investor education, removal of inter-corporate dividend tax and excessive regulations to develop capital markets in Pakistan. There is a dire need to simplify the regulatory framework, increase participation of retailer investors and encourage the formation of holding companies by removing inter- corporateRead More →

 The benchmark KSE-100 recorded its highest return of 38% since FY14 in PKR terms and highest return of 47% since FY04 in USD term By Javed Mahmood ISLAMABAD In financial year 2020-21, Pakistan Stock Exchange 100-index has set a precedent of growth despite coronavirus and other challenges. There are manyRead More →

KARACHI ( Web News ) In the latest act of the tragedy that is Pakistan Engineering Company Limited (PECO), the Company Secretary informed the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) that suppliers of the Company, having run out of options and patience, have filed a petition in the Lahore High Court, (petitionRead More →

The technology and communication sector continued to remain in the limelight at the PSX on Thursday. — Reuters/File KARACHI ( Web News ) The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) saw an all-time high daily trading volume for the second consecutive day on Thursday, with 2.21 billion shares traded in a singleRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( Web  News) The KSE-100 index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Tuesday turned around and witnessed bullish trend, gaining 370.84 points, with positive change of 0.81 percent, closing at 45,964.27 points against 45,593.43 points on the last working day. A total 399,187,389 shares were traded during the dayRead More →

KARACHI ( Web News ) The KSE-100 index of the Pakistan stock exchange (psx) Monday witnessed bearish trend, losing 271.59 points, with negative change of 0.59 percent, closing at 45,593.43 points against 45,865.02 points on the last working day. A total 368,389,975 shares were traded during the day compared toRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( Web  News ) The KSE-100 index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Thursday witnessed bullish trend, gaining 603.05 points, with positive change of 1.33 percent, closing at 45,965.63 points against 45,362.58 points on the last working day. A total 468,970,739 shares were traded during the day comparedRead More →

Pakistan Stock Exchange continues to decline, KSE 100 Index lacks 161.29 points At the level of 45728.75 points. 57.10% reduction in share prices of companies. Loss of more than Rs.5 billion to investors Karachi(Web News) Pakistan Stock Exchange continued to decline on Tuesday for the second day in a rowRead More →

Karachi: Business shares rise after a one-day downturn in stock exchange The KSE 100 index reached the level of 46580.34 points with the addition of 331.89 points KARACHI ( Web News ) After a one-day downturn in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the stock of Kokarobar on Tuesday continued to riseRead More →

KARACHI ( WEB NEWS ) For the third day in a row in Pakistan Stock Exchange, business shares continued to rise on Wednesday. As a result of the boom in business, the KSE 100 Index rose further 170.75 points to 46458.13 points while 53.20 percent of the companies’ shares. PricesRead More →

KARACHI ( WEB DESK ) The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) witnessed a mixed trend last week, with the KSE-100 index falling from 45,900 points to 45,800 points. However, the market capitalization increased by more than Rs 7 billion while the share price also fell by 53.48%. Pressure on the threatRead More →

KARACHI ( WEB REPORT ) The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) continued its downward trend on Friday after the SBP issued monetary policy due to uncertain circumstances over the sale of shares. The decline came to the level of 45868.04 points and the share prices of 59.33% companies declined, resulting inRead More →