The IT industry is among the top 5 net exporters of the country. PSEB


Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), an entity of the Federal Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, has launched a project for developing comprehensive analytical and marketing studies on various segments within Pakistan’s burgeoning information technology industry. The studies would cover IT industry subsegments such as mobile software, fintech, leasing solutions, financial analytics, data warehousing, emerging technologies (AI, IoT, blockchain, machine learning), cloud technologies, information security, e-commerce, web technologies, chip design/coding, industrial automation, big data, data analytics, BPO and many others. The studies are among the first its kind on Pakistan’s IT Industry and would cover a broad spectrum of metrics such as the capability, structure, segment, and size of each IT industry subsector. They would aid in providing much needed statistics, including the number of companies operating and would include testimonials from overseas buyers and customers of Pakistani IT first along with descriptions major projects undertaken by Pakistani IT industry. The development of these reports is therefore a major step in the right direction by the present government. These would help government and IT associations with policy making and would be instrumental for soliciting business from major outsourcing markets as the largest companies in the world look for industry reports from credible consultancy firms before considering an IT outsourcing destination. Pakistan’s IT industry is a major contribution to Pakistan’s economy providing much needed jobs and export earnings. Pakistani IT industry is providing services to both local and international customers and count world’s prominent companies among its regular clients. The IT industry is among the top 5 net exporters of the country with the highest net exports in the services industries.

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