Pakistan Stock Exchange plunged again on Wednesday


The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) plunged again on Wednesday after a one-day rally, with the KSE-100 Index falling by 226.29 points to 45676.94 points and the share prices of 59.56% companies falling. As a result, investors had to bear a loss of Rs 24.11 billion, wAnd investors’ interest in buying shares of for-profit companies boosted the KSE-100 index to a high of 45,903 points. The effects of the downturn were so great that the trading index fell to a low of 45,546 points during the trading session. while the trading volume in terms of share transactions was also 3.08 percent lower than on Tuesday. However, the effects of the downturn prevailed and at the end of the trading session, the SE-100 Index lost 226.29 points to close at 45676.94 points. A total of 413 companies traded yesterday, out of which 150 companies saw an increase in their share prices, 246 saw a decrease and 17 companies saw a stabilization in their share prices. Due to the recession, the market investment value decreased from Rs. 83 trillion 1 billion 36 crore 18 lakhs to Rs. 82 trillion 77 billion 24 crore 61 lakhs. Rafhan Meez lost Rs 89.99 to Rs 9,900 and AKD Capital lost Rs 33.69 to Rs 415.64.

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