Facebook would send a delegation to Pakistan for talks over blasphemous content. Ch Nisar


The interior ministry on Thursday said Facebook would send a delegation to Pakistan for talks over blasphemous content.

The social media giant has also nominated a focal person to contact the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), expressing the hope that dialogue would lead to resolution of the issue.

Speaking at a ceremony earlier in the day, Interior Ministry Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said government would take strict action against blasphemers.

Ch Nisar said the government was making efforts to prevent blasphemous material on social media and in this regard mentioned meetings with officials of Ministry of Information Technology and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), adding majority of such sites have been blocked.

He said facebook administration has been asked to cooperate in tracing the criminals behind the blasphemy while cooperation from the United States Administration was also being sought through US Embassy in Pakistan in this regard.

The minister also urged the international community to have broad consultations on the issue of blasphemy as it has become a critical matter for the world.

“Social media sites should cooperate to prevent uploading of any blasphemous content,” he said.

“Ridiculing a religion in the name of freedom of expression should not be allowed,” he said, adding that intelligence agencies have been working to identify elements involved in blasphemous activities.

He said eleven people, who posted their comments on the blasphemous sites have already been identified and process of their investigation has started.

“Concerned authorities are also in contact with Interpol to interrogate some people abroad”

The minister said every option would  be used to remove blasphemous material from Facebook and other social media websites

Nisar said a senior officer at embassy of Pakistan in Washington has been given responsibility to speed up efforts to get required information from Facebook management.

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