Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has launched E-Stamp facility


Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has launched E-Stamp facility in the Province.

Addressing a function in Lahore this evening, he said that E-Stamp Paper facility will be available to public in just fifteen minutes instead of three days.

He said the project has been jointly completed by Board of Revenue and Punjab Information Technology Board.

Judicial e-Stamp paper is launched today in entire Punjab. These are the combined efforts of The Punjab Government and Punjab Information Technology Board, Pakistan.

The first paper was issued today at the Bank of Punjab Civil Lines Branch, Lahore.

Before this the non-judicial e-stamping was adopted in 36 districts of Punjab.

This will increase efficiency and speed because now the stamps will be issued within 10-15 minutes.

As per PITB’s guidance the Non-Judicial or Judicial e-Stamp papers can be received from any branch of Bank of Punjab after filling requisite challan 32-A form using the e-Stamping portal. The e-Stamping system employs online digital technology to issue non-judicial and judicial stamp papers.

The stamps are important for their relation with administration of justice in courts.

This is easy, convenient and above all time saving.

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