Big Achievement. 72 Million Sims verified.


72 million SIMs have been verified till 26 February 2015 out of 103 million Sims as first phase has been completed in the Bio metric SIMs re-verification process. 10 million Sims blocked which are disowned by users. This is a major achievement of Telcos and NADRA with coordination of telecom authority.

Telecom source told that The second phase will see third or more than three SIMs blocked all if the SIM is not verified. This process will start from 27th February 2015 and will be completed till 13th April 2015. This will also see many SIMs that will be closed which were gotten through illegal means. Before this anyone can get ten  or more SIMs through illegal ways.

Now the last deadline for the SIM re-verification process of all 103 Million SIMs is 13th April 2015. There will be no extension in this.

During this time Telcos did numerous things to ensure that their consumers get their SIMs re-verified.  This included giving incentives to their customers whereas also attaching teams from their workforce to ensure that customers do get their SIMs verified.

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