Sims Re-verification will start from Friday


The SIMs re-verification is slated to begin from day after tomorrow as Pakistan Telecom Authority is to share standard of Procedure  ( SoP )  with Telcos on Thursday. The Sop were expected to be shared on the previous weekend and were then expected on Monday. However it has been confirmed to TelecoAlert through sources that SoP will be shared on Thursday to carry out the SIMs re-verification process. It should be stated here that the Telecos have serious concerns over time frame  that the time period of 90 days is short however they have assured the government that they will initiate the process.  After Peshawar Tragedy the Government was under immense pressure to start the re-verification process. After a high level meeting the process is now about to initiate in which the whole country will be covered.

According to various confirmed sources, Telecom companies are ready to start re-verification process as their advertisements to announce the process is ready to roll out and to educate the consumers.  Other relevant steps have also been taken. Telecom companies will advise their consumers that they should visit their nearest franchise and verify their details through bio metric system. If a consumer fails to do so in 45 days, their SIM will be blocked by the telecom operator.

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