Telenor Zong bringing international call without ICH


After the abolishment of International Clearing House it seems that Telenor is reverting back to its old policy of handling international calls by itself.  Now it seems that Zong is following Telenor in this regard.  When ICH was abolished by Ministry of Information and Technology PTCL used local companies to get stay order from Sindh High Court. But Zong and Telenor both didn’t accepted the stay order as both pointed out that the stay order was against MOIT policy directive and not them.

It is worth mentioning that Telenor is bringing 3.5 to 4.5 million minutes every month of international calls to Pakistan which it seems is not acceptable by PTCL. The reason being PTCL is losing the race as it charges more on international calls compared to Telenor which effects its customer base and revenues. Telenor is not receiving Access Promotion Cost (APC) according to MOIT policy directive however PTCL is still enjoying APC from international markets.

Telenor Pakistan has announced to stop all international calls terminiating through international clearing house (ICH) to benefit the international callers. In a statement issued by the company to all telecom operators has confirmed the decision as a bold step in public interest. It’s worth mentioning here that on June 17, 2014, on Moit directives, taxes were eliminated on all international calls. However, 11 companies including PTCL refused to act as per new directives issued by the Moit and take stay order from Sindh High Court.

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