Promotion in PTA only political backing or ?


After the decision taken by Departmental Promotional Committee regarding promotion of Grade 15 till top level officials serious concerns were raised. According to reports Assistant Director Legal hailing from PTA regional office Lahore was promoted after the final  decisions were taken by DPC. This is something out of ordinary as once the proceedings are completed by DPC no more promotions are allowed. This is against rules and regulations of PTA

It has been revealed to that the Assistant Director from Lahore office has close relationship with ruling political party of the country. This has been indicated as a reason for her promotion. When approached for comment, the individual refused whereas top management of PTA also refrained from giving a comment.

One of the senior director at PTA Headquarters Islamabad showed the same reservations about promotions was issued a show cause notice on his behavior.  Unfortunately he doesn’t has political backing and as many suspect doesn’t has NIC from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


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