Telcos to pay for World Telecom Day function


Ministry information technology & Telecom is gearing up to celebrate World Telecom Day on 16th May. It is expecting that Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to be the chief guest on the occasion. This time the importance of the day is 3G/4G has been started in Pakistan
According to different sources Ministry Telecom is all set to host World Telecom Day on 16th May, Friday. What is surprising is the news that authority is looking forward to the Telcos to bear all expanses the event.
This is extremely aggravating since these companies have just cleared that auction that saw a total investment of 1.1 billion dollars. These companies are still reeling from the shock that they have to pay 10% of their bidding amount as advance tax to FBR whereas provincial governments are also now demanding 16% tax. This demand, if true is surely going to raise many eyebrows and anger the companies as well.

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