Warid Telecom not yet out of hot water !


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has accepted Warid Telecom’s plea for implementing 4G LTE network in Pakistan- Dawn claimed on Sunday.

According to a high level source that wished to remain unnamed told Telecoalert.com that is no reality in this news since PTA has not allowed Warid to run 4G services in Pakistan. They are still awaiting application from Warid on this matter. Implementing a 4G network requires many things like the plans of the company along with assurances on quality of service and many other factors which Warid has yet to offer.

PTA has recently concluded a long awaited auction on 23rd April that was four telecom operators taking part. Warid didn’t submit its bids in the auction. The bids of Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong were qualified for the auction of 3G and 4G.

Warid Telecom is trying to push PTA to accept its plea since it had acquired a technology neutral license back in 2004 which allows it to roll out 4G license.  Warid has been publishing advertisements in major newspapers and also has sent messages to its customers telling them that they will be rolling 4G soon which shows that it is pretty serious in doing so. PTA however has stressed that Warid needs its permission before it can roll out  4G.  Warid’s advertisements show that the company is trying to hold its customers that are keen to switch to other networks offering 3G/4G services.

It will be prudent of PTA to withhold Warid’s request to start 4G LTE network to be fair to the companies that took part in the auction that saw 1.12 billion dollars raised. According to sources in Zong the Chinese company has no information on PTA’s permission adding more speculation as to what is happening.


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