WARID announced 4G LTE


Warid Telecom, the only company that didn’t take part in the 3G/4G auction is now gearing towards establishing 4G LTE in Pakistan. There were reports that it had meetings with PTA chairman regarding implementation of 4G LTE but PTA hasn’t been happy about it. The seriousness of the company was apparent when today on major newspapers across the country Warid’s advertisements promised its customers that it’s worth the wait with huge 4G LTE written on it. Below is the advertisement that is being circulated on social media platforms.

“The existing licence of Warid is technology neutral but it does not mean that it is service neutral. All newly-launched services require PTA’s consent. For this, Warid will have to send in a proper request.
The PTA will look into such a request based on the licence conditions (assuring proper coverage, quality of service, enhanced monitoring requirements and commencement permissions), and in the best interest of the cellular industry, especially the winners of the 3G/4G spectrum auction,” a PTA official responded through newspaper query.
A Warid official told newspaper that the company, according to its licence requirement, would notify to the PTA about the launch of 4G LTE since it (Warid) had enough spectrum available with it for the new technology.

Warid Telecom has a technology neutral license on which they want to create a 4G LTE network in Pakistan. It is understandable that PTA wouldn’t like it since it has just finished the 3G/4G auction that earned more 1 billion dollars and may face pressure and serious reaction from other telcos that took part in the auction.









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