Implementation of HMIS reduce patients’ difficulties. Anusha


State Minister for IT & Telecom  Anusha Rehman on Saturday said that Health Management Information System (HMIS) application will definitely would bring efficiency by digitizing the patient’s medical record, however, focus may also be given on the facilitation of the patients particularly mitigate the patients queuing issue by creating efficient and effective system.

A progress review meeting regarding PSDP IT Project titled “HMIS at Tertiary Health Care Level at Sheikh Zayed Medical Complex (SZMC), Lahore” was held at Sheikh Zayed Hospital (SZH), Lahore.

The said meeting was chaired by Minister of State for IT & Telecom, Anusha Rehman. It was explained that presently main core software modules of Health Management Information System (HMIS) application have been successfully implemented and in use by the staff of SZH, Lahore and the remaining software modules are developed and their implementation is in progress.

The training has been imparted to the most of hospital staff while the training roaster for the remaining staff has been developed. It is important to mention that said PSDP project was originally approved by DDWP on 28th October, 2005.

In the past, minimal progress was made on the said project. Since August, 2013, significant aforementioned progress has been made on the said project. In this regard, the present Government has given high priority to e-Government particularly e-health to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, public facilitation and to promote less paper environment in the public sector

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