3G/4G Auction Full-scale mock on Monday


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been arranged full-scale mock auction for 3G and 4G spectrum on Monday. This practice auction – before the final auction on April 23rd – is aimed at letting the qualified bidders understand the auction process and the technicalities associated with the software that is used for the spectrum auction.
Today all four bidders took part in the mock spectrum auction to be held on 23rd of April. The spectrum auction saw only four companies to bid for the alluring licenses in Pakistan. The government is hoping to raise 1.3 billion dollars when it sells out five licenses in the coming auction.
Companies today were given an orientation on the software that is going to be used. A mock auction was held where the software was used so that the auction goes smoothly on the prescribed day. This was the last round before the auction. All questions about the process and how it is going to work have now been put to rest by this mock up exercise.
PTA said that the purpose of mock auction is to make sure that qualified bidders participate in final and real auction with comprehensive understanding of the system and the rules.
As explained before, 3G / 4G spectrum auction in Pakistan will be a SMRA (Simultaneous multiple-round ascending) auction in which spectrum Lots will be auctioned simultaneously over rounds of bidding.
Each bid will have a time interval or 45 minutes and operators will have to beat previous highest bid with-in the allotted time.
PTA sais that the software used for the auction and all other liaisons is arranged by Value Partners, the consultants hired by the authority for the auction.
It may be recalled that Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong had qualified for the auction of spectrum.

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