Naveed Fasal and Amir final panel for USF


High power HR committee sellect  final panel forthe post of CEO of universal services fund(USF). Three candidates are selected by three member committee headed by Federal sectary Information technology and Telecom Akhlaq Tarar other member are CEO Zong Fanyun Chun CEO PTCL Waleed Arshiad. This panel seleted from shot listed candid including  Mr Dr Mohammed Yasin, Mr Dr Abdul Jabbar Naveed Saeed Fasial Sattar Amir Ishaque Shahid Abbasi Rizwan Tiwana and Shabir Hussian.

Mr Naveed Saeed employee of PTCL Mr Fasial Sattar from Wateen and Mr Amir Ishaque Ex consultant of Etasalt are in final penal which will present in Board meeting of USF to choose  CEO of Universal services Fund for four year with pay of not more than Rs. One Million.

The high power committee give acting charge to company sectary as CEO to take up daily matters.Naveed_Saeed_PTCL  Faisal-Sattar-wateenAMIR IShaque

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