Nasar-ul-Karim Gaznavi was not proven guilty for more than 7 billion rupee financial scam


Telecom authority’s finance member Nasar-ul-Karim Gaznavi was not proven guilty for more than 7 billion rupee financial scam and misuse of power. Such allegations were said to be baseless. The committee filed a report headed by Saud Gohar  to the cabinet division regarding the allegations against Nasar-Ul-Karim Gaznavi. The committee was formed by chairman Federal services commission Baghwan Das after they received a letter from the cabinet division which included these allegations against member  Finance ofTelecom Authority. As per the document received by reporter from concerned department the committee filed the report to Cabinet Division.

The authorized officer served the charged sheet  contained the following  allegations,

01.   Loss of Rs. 5.55 billion due to failure in recovery of revenue from WLL licenses holders.

02.   Loss of Rs. 530.816 million due to non –encashment of stand by letter of Credit (SBLC)

03.   Loss of Rs. 80.00 million due to  embezzlement.

04.   Loss of 628.93 million due to failure in revenue collection from small companies.

05.   Erroneous deposit of Federal Consolidated Funds amounting to Rs. 820.92 million in USF company account through Public account.

06.   Disruption of official work upon withdrawal of administrative powers in May 2010.

07.   Loose financial management under Member Finance.

Pta nominated Mr Yawar Yasin Director General and Mr Zulqarnain Bhatti Deputy Director (Legal) to provide the prosecution evidence. However the accused officer defended his case on his own as per the relevant rules.

As per report the prosecution (PTA) produced 6 prosecution witnesses and the accused officer provided one defence witness. After examining the allegation reply of theaccused officer, comments of the PTA and all evidence recorded by this committee none of the charges has been proved, beyond any shadow of doubt.


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