ISLAMABD (SPECIAL REPORT) Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has appointed Mr Farooq Ahmad Awan as in Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority. It must be stated here that the Cabinet Division opposed not only the membership but also the chairmenship of Mr Awan. But Mrs Nargis Sethi sent a summary of membershipRead More →

ISLAMABAD (MEDIA) Perturbed over allegations of Rs47 billion sales tax evasion over the past five years, telecom operators will try to bail themselves out by bringing forth the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s position that the interconnection charges are ‘expenses’ and not `income’ under the Calling Party Pays regime. During back-to-back meetingsRead More →

Authorities in South Korea have arrested two computer programmers suspected of hacking into Korea Telecom’s customer database and stealing personal information on approximately 8.7 million mobile subscribers. According to the provider, these data included user names, telephone numbers, and resident registration numbers. Police are also investigating seven other suspects accusedRead More →