5th Annual Pakistan Telecommunications Conference 2012(TeleCON 2012)

Islamabad (Special report)

SHAMROCKConferences International has announced its 5th Annual Pakistan Telecommunications Conference 2012(TeleCON 2012) to be held on April 19, 2012 in Karachi. The theme of theconference this year, will be, “Ridingthe Wave of Technology and Consolidation”.

TeleCON’2012 is duly endorsed bythe Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)and Chairman, Dr. Muhammad Yasinwill deliver the keynote address at the conference. The conference bringstogether government representatives, regulators, investors, service providers,marketers, academia and specialists from all facets of the telecom as well as ITsector. The day-long conference will include interactive sessions where expertswill share their valuable experience, wisdom and vision.

Commenting on the annualconference, Mr. Menin Rodrigues,Chairman of the 5th Pakistan Telecommunications Conference 2012said; “The Telecom sector is a rapidly changing industry that has immensepotential. In Pakistan, however, this industry is still growing from a globalperspective; therefore it needs to build on the vision of the experts. Thisconference will provide a platform to seek reforms and enhancements instrategy, endeavors and regulatory framework.”

Participation in the conferenceis limited; therefore those interested are invited to visit the website: www.shamrockconferences.net forregistration and further information.

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