The Commission will be bound to appoint judges to the Supreme Court from among high court judges “in accordance with their seniority”. suggested amendment ISLAMABAD ( Web News )  A parliamentary panel on Tuesday unanimously approved a number of amendments to the Constitution related to judicial appointments to the SupremeRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( STAFF REPORT ) The Senate Standing Committee on Interior in its meeting on Friday, strongly condemned  the terrorist attack on security forces post in Makeen area of South Waziristan in which four soldiers of Pakistan Army embraced martyrdom. The Committee also condemned the ongoing curfew in Indian OccupiedRead More →

  دنیا میں 80ممالک ڈیجیٹل کرنسی استعمال کر رہے ہیں ہمارے ملک میں  کیوں پابندی ہے ،ارکان   اربوں روپے کی ضمنی گرانٹس کا غلط استعمال ہورہا ہے حکومت ایمرجنسی کے بجائے معمول کے حالات میں بھی اس اختیار کا  مسلسل استعمال کررہی ہے اسلام آباد (ویب ڈیسک) سینیٹ کی قائمہ کمیٹیRead More →

  ISLAMABAD (TELECOALERT) The Senate Standing Committee for Information Technology and Telecommunication has recently recognized the contribution of cellular sector of Pakistan and appreciated the investment in the country and job creation opportunities provided by the sector. The committee also raised concerns over high levels of consumer taxation with specialRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA REPORT ) Meeting of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications was held on Monday with Senator Shahi Syed in the chair. The meeting discussed progress on implementation status of recommendations of the committee regarding increase in the pension of all the retired employees ofRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA REPORT ) The Senate Standing Committee on Interior assailed the management of the National Datbase Regulatory Authority (Nadra) for issuing identification cards to thousands of illegal immigrants, noting that there was no punishment for the officials involved in this crime. Senator Rehman Malik chaired a meeting ofRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA REPORT )  The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) told a Senate committee on Wednesday that it lacked the human and financial resources to monitor and control objectionable content online. Instead, PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah stressed the need for developing better relations with social media platforms such asRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) A meeting of the Senate of Standing Committee on Interior & Narcotics Control held on Monday, 13th March, 2017 in Committee Room No. 4, Parliament House Islamabad. The meeting was presided over by Senator A. Rehman Malik and attended by the committee members Senator Shibli Faraz,Read More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) The Senate Standing Committee Science & Technology passed Pakistan Council of Science and Technology Bill 2016 after some amendments. Whereas, the committee deferred Comsat University Islamabad Bill till next session for further review and created a sub committee where Ministry of Science and Technology wasRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA REPORT ) Senate Standing Committee on Information and Technology and Telecommunication on Wednesday expressed reservation over the outstanding amount of $800 million from Etisalat, pursuant to share purchase agreement made at the time of PTCL’s (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) privatisation. The committee met under the chairmanship ofRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) A meeting of the Functional Committee on Problems of Less Developed Areas was held Friday under the Chairmanship of Senator Muhammad Usman Khan Kakar at Parliament House. The agenda before the meeting was to analyze implementation report of the previous meeting’s recommendation, monitor performance ofRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) The Senate Functional Committee on Devolution has termed placement of Regulatory Authorities under the jurisdiction of line ministries as a sheer violation of Constitution and recommended that the Regulatory Authorities should be autonomous exercising independence.  The Committee which was presided over by its Chairman SenatorRead More →