ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) Pakistan’s multi-billion-dollar real estate industry holds a bright future in 2016, despite being affected by issues such as housing shortages, increasing taxes and lack of transparency in property according to a new report on Pakistan’s property market. The findings are contained in new research conductedRead More →

KARACHI ( TAHIR REPORT ), Pakistan’s No.1 online hotel booking website, has organized a press conference to launch the first ever hospitality report, and discuss Jovago’s achievements during 2015. The purpose of this event is to strengthen the tourism sector and share insights regarding the tourism industry in Pakistan,Read More →

BMI Research England Reports  Asia June 2015 / Pakistan / Companies BMI View : A strong er commitment to invest in infrastructure and the roll-out of LTE services indicates that Warid Telecom will be a more proactive contributor to the development of Pakistan’s mobile sector than previously expected . A key downside risk is thatRead More →

SHANGHI CHINA  ( MEDIA ) Huawei today released the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) at the Huawei Cloud Congress (HCC). With findings from 25 developed and emerging countries that account for 78% of global GDP and 68% of population, and 10 industries, including finance, manufacturing, education, transportation and logistics, the reportRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA ) Self-praise is not always a bad thing if someone really has some achievements to show or a way forward to offer. It turns out that the Ministry of IT (MoIT) and Telecom’s recently released one-year performance report has some substance on both counts.  First up, theRead More →