UPaisa expands measures to help flood victims across Pakistan ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) In continuing its support during these challenging times, UPaisa is offering flood relief support to vulnerable communities by enabling its subscribers to make direct donations to a host of organizations participating in relief efforts. UPaisa customersRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA REPORT ) Even after months of back and forth over the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, there seem to be few signs of saner counsel prevailing in the country’s legislature. Now, with the bill having been adopted by the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology onRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( ABRAR MUSTAFA ) One of the biggest hurdles in opening “Youtube.com” in Pakistan is the Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) established to control websites against the interests of Pakistan and its social and religious values. State Minister Anusha Rehman has publicly stated several times that the video streaming websiteRead More →