ISLAMABAD ( Web News ) Japan emerged as model country for tobacco harm reduction when it reduced its smoking rate by nearly a third in a span of three to four years since the introduction of non-combustible alternatives to cigarettes in 2014. A public health expert said Japan accomplished thisRead More →

اسلام آباد جس ملک کے 22 ہزار سے زیادہ کلیدی عہدوں پر بر اجمان ا فسران نے امریکہ، کینیڈا، انگلینڈ و آسٹریلیا کی شہریت لے رکھی ہو جنکا مستقبل پاکستان نہیں ہے وہ دوران ملامت ملکی مفادات کے ساتھ کیا حشر کرتے ہونگے ۔۔۔۔۔؟؟؟ ملاحظہ فرمائیے سپریم کورٹ مین پیشRead More →

KARACHI ( PRESS RELEASE ) Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair will inaugurate first edition of The Future Summit on Tuesday, which will be attended by corporate heads from entire world including United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and many other countries of the world. The corporate event is being organized by the Nutshell Conferences and Corporate Pakistan Group in collaboration with OverseasRead More →

LAHORE ( HAFEEZ REPORT ) Japan Business Exhibition 2016 gets great response. As large number of high profile personalities from business and media came to witness the high quality and world class Japanese products on the show. Japanese companies related to, pharmaceuticals, construction, transporter/automobiles, Industrial Machinery,Textile, Paint and big businessRead More →

ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) In 2016, ubiquitous connectivity will push its way to the forefront of people’s lives. Several major innovation trends have reached tipping point as Intel prepares for one of the most exciting years in its history in Asia and across the globe. These include the demandRead More →